Market Watch

Banknotes across the spectrum remain strong as collectors the world over appreciate their beauty, wonder and investment potential. Prefix varieties of many Australian polymer notes are very much in demand and tend not to reach stock as Want Lists are so strong. All first and last prefixes for 2006 are now available.

2007 Stevens Henry notes are beginning to appear in circulation.

Singapore and Brunei created a world’s first with the joint issue of a polymer banknote ($20) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their exchange rate agreement. Brunei broke the mould with the issue of a $10000 polymer and a $500 polymer on 28 December 2006 and in June 2007, a $1000 to complete their conversion.

Other new polymer issues from Nigeria (20 N), Singapore ($5), Hong Kong ($10), Guatemala (1Q) and Papua New Guinea (K2 & K20) have issued since my last list.

New paper issues from Bhutan, Fiji, Ghana and others are included plus older issues. All New Zealand notes remain strong. Less than 20 % of my stock of paper notes is included and although my web site generally contains a more extensive listing it is still not complete. If there is nothing in this list which suits, just contact me indicating your areas of interest or “Wants”. Want Lists are actively serviced without obligation. Re-orders from this list are welcome.

Renniks 22 ed of Australian Coin and Banknote Values is out with revised prices as demand for Australian items remains strong; $ 30.00 for the soft cover and $35.00 for the hard cover. McDonald’s 15th edition is also available at $29.95. Both plus postage.