Introduction offers a service to polymer note collectors. Behind many issues there is story and I have attempted to record these. This is easier said then done, as it is often difficult to differentiate fact from fantasy. At all times I have tried to be accurate and objective. Where there is conflicting authoritative advice, I have presented both cases.


An important element of this site is to document the background of the respective polymer note issues so that it is available for the enjoyment of current collectors and for future generations. Aside from this, there is a wealth of detail concerning the notes. However, not everything is known about every note - there are many gaps. Hopefully these will be filled in over time with the assistance of others. Substantiated information and comment from others, which adds to the overall quality of the site, is always welcome.

Polymer note issue is an expanding area with more countries progressively joining the list of issuers. Many countries have in one way or another examined polymer technology which was developed in Australia through the initiative of its central bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia ( RBA). Thus, many rumours circulate about impending issues and these tests often come to nothing, at least in the short term.


The polymer substrate is manufactured in Melbourne by UCB SA and on-sold to Securency, a joint venture between RBA and UCB SA of Belgium, a pharmaceutical and film manufacturing conglomerate. Securency converts the polymer substrate, acquired in rolls from UCB SA, into press ready sheets incorporating appropriate security features. Note Printing Australia, a subsidiary of RBA, prints the polymer banknotes or alternatively Securency will supply press - ready substrate (including security features to order) to other security printers. UCB SA, Securency and Note Printing Australia each have separate manufacturing plants located within the same grounds at Craigieburn, Melbourne.

Now is a good time to commence collecting polymer notes before many of the earlier issues become tough. There is a growing band of collectors. A full set of NPA polymer banknotes is within most collectors' budget. Complete details are included in my price list, which may also be found on the web site.

In recent years, I have done much to promote polymer notes amongst the international collecting and dealing community and I carry perhaps the most extensive stock of polymer banknotes held by any dealer. Additionally, I provide a Market Watch service through this web site, which tracks developments in polymer notes and provides advance notice on new issues.


As an established banknote dealer, I carry an extensive stock of world paper money. Associations of which I am a member are the International Bank Note Society (IBNS), Latin American Paper Money Society (LANSA), Society of Paper Money Collectors (SPMC), Australian Numismatic Dealers Association (ANDA) and Stamp and Coin Dealers Association of Australasia (SCDAA). I have been involved in the hobby for over 20 years as a collector and a dealer.

Several times a year, I produce a comprehensive listing of world banknotes, which is available free of charge to all who are interested. A copy is also available on this site. Whilst this list includes polymer (I strive to have every polymer issue available at all times although certain date and packaged varieties can be elusive), the weighting is very much towards paper based notes.

As I am located in Sydney, Australia, there is naturally an Australian content however in each list I aim to have a mix of the old and the new, to cover a range of countries from A - Z and major specialist areas such as British Commonwealth and military.

I trust you enjoy this site - either just reading about polymer notes or finding something interesting for your collection.