Australia $10 - September 2017   Click to enlarge
General Prefix 2017 $10: $15.00 ea.
($14.00 each for five pieces or more.)
First Series Prefix $10 AA17: $25.00 ea.
Last Prefix $10 2017 EA17: $25.00 ea.
(See Below)
Next Generation of $10 Folder: $16.00 ea.
Two Generations of $10 Folder: $30.00 ea.
Note: General Prefixes in the Folders – not First or Last.

(Registered postage is an additional $5.00 per delivery for most note orders within Australia. Orders for folders or higher value note orders may be more depending on value and or weight. Overseas is additional.)

Our new Wattle Series $10 note debuted on 20 September 2017. Dated 2017, it introduces the new Philip Lowe / John Fraser signature combination. Lowe took over from Glenn Stevens as Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia in September 2016 just a matter of days after the 2016 $5 appeared. Fraser has been around since late 2014 as Secretary to the Treasury.

As for the 2016 $5, design wise the new $10 is a modification of the polymer $10 introduced in 1993 with greatly enhanced security in attractive pastels. Dame Mary Gilmore and Banjo Patterson retain their time tested spots supported by the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and Bramble Wattle.

AA17 is the First Series Prefix. In discussion with Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) staff, a number of us feel we have confidently determined that the LAST PREFIX is EA 17. From prefix ranges given and from observation, we believe we have accurately have been able to reconstruct the 45 note sheet.

With a seven digit serial number instead of six digits as for earlier $10’s, it is assumed there is only one sheet of notes printed. One sheet has the potential for 450 million notes. RBA has confirmed that some 200 million notes were printed and this appears sufficient to replace all the old style $10 notes currently in circulation. So it would be very odd for there to be another sheet.

If the Reserve Bank follows past practice it will not confirm the Last 2017 prefix until sometime in 2018, at the end of the 2017 print year. So no one can be sure until then. If it transpires it is not the last prefix I shall replace it.

There are also two FOLDER releases. One containing just the new Wattle Series 2017 general prefix $10 (Next Generation of $10) and the other containing two notes – a new $10 and an old style 2015 dated $10 (Two Generations of $10) , both general prefixes. All notes intentionally will be a general prefixes but undoubtedly, as for the 2016 $5, some First and Last for both notes are expected to slip through. Prices above are for general prefixes.

First and Last Prefixes for the 2014 $50 (AA & JC) and $100 (AA & JK), the 2015 $5 (BA & EA) and $10 (AA & DF) and the 2016 $50 (AA & DA) - so far no 2016 $50’s at all have been sighted - remain elusive and I am diligently looking for these at a fair price as I know many of you need them. I have limited numbers of the $5 EA 15 Last prefix at $240.00 each. The $5 BA 15 First Prefix is scarce.

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Trevor Wilkin
September 2017.
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